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How To Check Live Running Status

Check Live Running Status
Check Live Running Status

Here you can check Indian Railways Live Train Running Status. In order to check Live running status, do the following:

  1. Fill the Train number in the first box.
  2. Select the date of the Train. 
  3. Now Click on “Check” button.

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What is Live Running Status? is a website for Indian Railway Passengers which helps them in finding them where their train currently is. In other words, it provides users the live information of their desired train.

How Does Live Train Running Status Works? works with Indian Railways API and caters all the live data which is being provided by the Indian Railways servers.

You can check any train’s live running status with our website because we use the Government’s official data.


Indian Railways
Indian Railways is developed with an aim to provide an accurate and quick solution for all our Indian Railway Travellers. It has always been a tough job to check the live running status of any Indian Railways Express trains.

But with our servers, we are trying to make this job so easy that even a 10-year-old would be able to do it easily.

About Indian Railways

Indian Railways
Indian Railways is a Train transport facility by the Indian Government. It is one of the largest train networks in the entire world.  The Headquarters of the Indian Railways is situated in New Delhi. There are around 13,08,000 employees working under the Indian Railways.

Check more details about Indian Railways on Wikipedia.

Train PNR Status

You can check your reservation details by checking the PNR Details. It is nowadays super easy to check any PNR Status quickly.

You can easily check your PNR status by simply going over to the official PNR Enquiry website. Click here to go to the PNR Enquiry Website.

In order to check the PNR status of your ticket:

  1. Click on the link given above
  2. Go to ther website and enter your PNR Number.
  3. Click on Submit.
  4. You will then be shown your PNR Enquiry Results.

Where is My Train?

You can now check all the details about your train online. Government of India have started distributing their train live running data with their APIs.

Train Status is available on several websites these days. You can go over to any of the live status websites and check your train’s running status.

You can here check details like Indian Railways Time Table, Schedule, Indian Railways Delay etc.

Indian Railways Seat Availability

Indian Railways Passenger Enquiry: If you want to check the details about seat availability in a train that you desire, you can do that so by going over to the official website.

Check Seat Availability

Reserved Trains Between Stations

Check Trains available from one station to another. You can check the status of available between two stations.

Click the link below to see the status of Reserved trains between stations.

Click to Check Reserved trains Between Stations.

Train Route

Indian Railway Route
Indian Railway Route

Indian Railways Route: Indian Railways is one of the largest networks of trains in the entire world. It covers the length of 121,407 Kilometres as of March 2017.

Click here to check more details on Train Route.

Train status can be checked instantly with the help of this website. If you want to check live train running status then you can come to this website whenever you like, for that we recommend you to bookmark this page. To bookmark this page, simply click on the “3 dots” on the top-right of your screen if you’re using a mobile device and then click on the “star icon” and now you have added this page to your bookmark.

If you are using a computer, then you can simply press ctrl+d together and the page will be added to bookmark instantly. You can then rename the bookmark to something like, “check live status“, “Indian railway live status“, “live train status” etc.

That way you can come to this page whenever you want.

This page is for all our Indian travellers who commute through this amazing railway service by our Central Government. to check your IRCTC status, you can head over to the official IRCTC status. from there you can continue with the procedure for checking IRCTC status.

On, we also provide you with the latest train late status. If your train is not arriving at the given time, then you can come on over to this website to check train current location easily. We have named this service as “train tracer“. This serves a great purpose of helping people find their Indian railway current location and status.

On this website, you can check train running information online. With the help of live train status online technology, you can check the live running status of Indian Railway trains.

You can also use the very popular “where is my train?” application to see the live location of your train. You just have to enter the train number and you will be able to see the live location of your train. This application is very helpful and useful for all the people who travel a lot with the Indian railways and always look for their trains online.

With this app, you can also see your train’s live location and live status even when you’re offline. This is a very amazing and unique feature of this app. That it lets you see the live running status of your train even when you are not connected to the internet and are offline.

To check live running train status with “where is my train?” app, simply follow the mentioned steps:

  • Download the app: Download
  • Open and enter your train number
  • Choose if you are on the train or not on the train with the toggle given above.
  • Now click on “find running status”.
  • That’s it!

Thanks for visiting Train Live Status!